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Confused with Chemistry? Help Yourself with a Tutor!

by Nov 8, 2016Online Tutoring

Science subjects need proper understanding and if you talk about Chemistry, then it is very important to go through the different experiments and its related conclusion along with the fundamentals.
Are you confused with Chemistry? If yes, then you must follow some points to clear the matter. A tutor can give you the proper suitability to clear the matter.
Follow these factors and you can be one of the best students in chemistry

  • Understand small factors or fundamentals

First of all, chemistry needs to be understood in a proper way. You have to learn about the different symbols and molecular formulas. However, a number of students are unable to understand about this combination of atoms to form molecules. So, if you desire to know about this you have to go through the fundamentals.
Valance electron, valency, anion, cation, atomic configuration, elements, compounds, stability of compounds, features of non-metal elements, metals and all other concepts are important to make a perfect and clear vision.
What a tutor does? He simply explains these things with proper structure. Suppose you don’t know the meaning of Valency, so at that time you will be unable to understand the meaning of stability as well as a molecule for the existence of an element in nature. Let us get this point with an example.
Let ‘O’ or Oxygen is an element with atomic number 8 and thus its electronic configuration is 2 and 6. Now, how this element gets stability? If oxygen gets 2 electrons, then it can easily get its stability. So, one Oxygen atom makes a bond with another oxygen atom in which they share 2 electrons of their outermost shell to create one molecule.
Thus, the existence is O2 and here you also get that requirement of an electron to get the stability of this element is 2. It means it has the Valency 2. Some elements get the stability just by ejecting one electron from the outermost shell or more.

  • Understand different theories along with its success and fault

Many students while learning the theories provided by different scientists, they cannot understand a number of facts. Some theories did not succeed like Dalton’s Atomic Theory as there are some faults in atomic structure and its explanation. So, how to understand that? You must take the assistance of your tutor. This will clear your ideas to understand everything in a proper way.

  • Adopt the way of writing answers

It is very important for you to know how to write an answer and it is also important for you to understand that an exact way of representation of answers can give you a lot of perfect ability. It is also important for you to make it stepwise and in case you are unable to arrange it, then you must go with your tutor’s suggestion. Now, this is very important for a student to know about these things.

  • Write and get checked to clear your pattern

It is very important that many times he thinks that if there are some mistakes in your language or writing way, then you will not score well. It means if you miss a term or any problem is there, then it will be very difficult to score well.
You just need to think how this is the perfect for you. This is better to go to the tutor and to get checked the answers written by you. In this way, you can easily point out your faults.

  • Laws are important

One of the most important parts of Chemistry is to understand the different Laws as Boyle’s Law, Charles Law, etc. According to these laws you have to find out the derivations and then understand that how the various questions can be asked. So, only with proper understanding level, you can find out the different ways of study.

  • Know how to solve numerical problems

Now, be careful about the different numerical related to derivations of laws. Sometimes the problems are very difficult, and sometimes it seems to be easy. Do you know that how these are perfect? Only your knowledge can make this easier and perfect.

  • Be careful about homework

Homework is an excellent way to eradicate your problems. So, you can easily understand that “how homework could give you a better academic career?”

  • Understand with diagrams

Many time students are unable to understand the matters which are related to proper diagram as orbits and different structures. Many other diagrams in chemistry are also important. The structure of different compounds which are related to Organic or Inorganic Chemistry requires proper explanations. Now, if you are at the stage where you are not able to understand thoroughly, then it will be very important for you to grab the best solution at a time.

  • Understand experiments through your tutors

Sometimes the conclusions of experiments are important, but you are not allowed to do that experiment. At that stage take the assistance of your tutor and get the complete explanation of each step of your topic.
Now, clear the concept. If you do not grab the services of your tutor, then you may face difficulties. So, either you need to clear your problems in the class, or you must understand the different facts with the help of a tutor.
These all factors make your study better and perfect if you concentrate in a proper way. So, take help of your Chemistry tutor to help yourself.