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To perfectly evaluate a business entity, companies deploy various tools and methodologies. This activity is carried out when Mergers & Acquisitions are about to take place, or when a potential investor wants to know the worth of his investment.

It is imperative that anyone who wants to pursue a career in Finance should know about the methods as they are important to M & A activities and business forecast.

To gain clarification around the subject, students often seek a comparison of valuation methods homework help online.

The types of valuation methods

  1. DCF
  2. Comparable
  3. Precedent

DCF Analysis

DCF is an acronym for Discounted Cash Flow. It is the process in which free cash inflow or outflow is introducedinto the system, and then the worth is evaluated

This process is accomplished by allocating the fund values in an Excel sheet. It takes into account the historical data as well as the projections over the next few years.

DCF Analysis works mostly on assumptions and usually has the best forecast numbers. This method also has a great degree of accuracy.

Comps or comparable analysis method

Also known as the Peer Analysis, it compares the value or the output or similar companies in the market. A lot of tools like EV/EBITDA and P/E are deployed to arrive at a conclusion. EBITDA is the most common tool deployed.

This tool is mostly used by investors to if a company is worth investment, or whether the selling price quoted by a business owner is actually worth consideration.

Precedent method

This analysis is true to its name. It compares or evaluates similar business prepositions which have been acquired or sold in the past. They are essential in Mergers & Acquisitions, however, are not considered centric to the core business activities.

Challenges in comparison of valuation methods

Students often look for comparison of valuation methods assignment help. It is not just students, but Analysts as well who face difficulties in arriving at the perfect numbers. Though for most of the times DCF method is accurate, still the accuracy is debatable in a volatile business environment. Factors like Politics, Economic targets, Social set up can make or break the backbone of any industry at any point in time in any region of the world.

Comparison of valuation methods

It is done by putting together all the numbers derived from these comparisons. This chart is also known as the Football Chart. A huge variation in the numbers can be difficult for an organization to arrive at the right decision.

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