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What is Company Analysis and ratio?

A ratio in finance is used in a company to take the financial decision of a company. It direct indicates that all those factors that are related to company analyze are get affected and various types of ratios are completely responsible to make perfect decisions related to company.

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What are the different types of ratio?

The different types of ratio are as follows-

  • Profitability Ratio –

In this the profit margin depends on the ratio of Net income to the Revenue. In this a company is need to clear all its costs and expenses before the revenue is considered. Many others are- Gross margin, Operating margin, Return on Equity, return on asset and many more.

  • Liquidity Ratio –

It is very important to know how the asset of a company turns over into cash. Thus, accounts receivable turn over is need to be calculated as net credit sales, average account receivable. The different types are – current ratio, Quick ratio, Operating cash flow ratio, activity ratio etc.

  • Solvency Ratio –

This is perfect to know about the financial obligation of long term to find out future asset develop. Thus, total debt to total asset depends on the sum of Short term debt and long term debt to the total asset.

  • Valuation Ratio –

Price to earning is the most accurate and perfect valuation ratio. Henceforth price to earning depends on Market value per share to earning per share.

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