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One dimension and two dimensioncollisions in Linear momentum shows the conservation of momentum and energy. All these can be understood in-depth with our Collisions in Two Dimensions assignment help, to develop the concept in a better way.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can onlybe changed from one form to another. But no action can take place in an entirely elastic situation. As a result,kineticenergyof the bodyreduces as some amount and gets released from the body of the object after thecollision.The onlytimewhenkinetic energy can be increased after thecollisionis during an exothermicchemical reaction.This canbe explained to you in details with Collisions in Two Dimensions homework help.

How Collisions in Two Dimensions is implied?

  • Elastic collision:

Imagine there are two bodies with mass m1 and m2 moving at each other with velocityv1 and v2 respectively. Suppose both the bodies collide at an angle, the bodies will move to an angle 01 and 02 respectively to its initial direction. Let their speed be f1andf2respectively.

  • After the collision let, the velocities are vf1 and vf2. So the equation would be

    ½ m1 v1 + ½ m2 v2 = ½ m1 vf1 + ½ m2 vf2

  • Inelastic collision:

Maximum collisions in real life are inelastic. Let the mass of the two bodies be m1 and m2 moving at each other with velocityv1 and v2 respectively. The angles of collision be01 and 02. Let the initial kinetic energy beKi initial and K2after the collision

Kinetic energy is   ½ mass x velocity2

  • For conservation of momentum of each body would be:

m1 v1+m2 v2 = (m1 + m2) v2

  • Ratio of kinetic energy before to after collision:

K2 / K1 = m1 / (m1 + m2)

  • The fraction of energy lost:

(K1 – K2)/ K1 = m2 / (m1 + m2)

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Examples of Collisions in Two Dimensions

Elastic collisions are very rare phenomena in real life. No collision, in reality, is perfectly elastic. Still, some are considered to be elastic collisions:

  • Pool table balls hitting each other
  • Bowling’s ball rolling

Collisions in inelastic condition:

  • Car crash with another object
  • Seatbelt
  • Bouncing a ball
  • Punching a boxing bag can provide you with more examples and solutions regarding the problems. Get all your queries explained regarding this with Collisions in Two Dimensions homework help.

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