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Collecting information in a market place is one of the toughest tasks for management students as it involves a lot research on the topic and major responsibility to identify the marketplace. It need time to interact with the customers, trying to know their needs, observing company’s competition and other groups.It plays important role in the market because with superior market information can choose market of their choice and will help in executing the plan in a better way.

Company first measure then only forecast the size, growth and profit potential of new opportunities.  In simple words forecasting is an art of anticipation which buyer’s under the given situation. Though, students face difficulties in completing their homework then Collecting information and Forecasting demand assignment help offers them acknowledged data to overcome their doubts.

Steps taken to improve the quality of collecting information

  • Training the staffs:

Gathering good amount of data is very important in this subject which usually a company lack to do. So, organisation needs to train and motivate their sales representative in order to get better results

  • Motivating sales force:

A company needs to boost their entire sale force such as distributors, retailers and other intermediaries by providing them different incentives and allow them to share their intelligence

  • Employ specialist:

To keep a track in the marketplace and collect qualitative or quantitative information a company requires specialist staffs in the specific field who can gather right amount of data and can also executive it easily

  • Keep a track on your competitors:

Company should try using competitor’s products, look at their reports, advertisements, buy information from outside sources about firms or vendors and attend their trade shows so that you can recognise the level competition you have in the market

  • Act as quickly as you can:

Market intelligence helps in completing this step by reacting fast once they have gathered all the information about the organisation

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How to estimate the future demand

  • What people say:
  1. It includes the survey of buyers in which consumers are asked about their present and future finances and what do they expect from the economy. The research organisation conduct surveys time to time to get an idea about customers buying intentions
  2. This step is all about sales opinion which helps to estimate the future sales and it is conducted by the experts such as dealers, distributors, wholesalers or suppliers
  • What people do:

Under this a market test is conducted which helps in forecasting about the sale of new product

  • What people have done:

Companies develops sales review on the basis of past experience

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