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A cohort study is another process of experiment to derive a statistical data.It is mainly an analytical study where a subject group with samecharacteristic is chosen and observed for a specific period. They are compared with the other group that doesn’t have that particular characteristic.

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Two different types of cohort studies:

Cohort studies can be classified into two different parts-

  • Prospective cohort study

In this study, an experimenter starts with identifying the characteristic of subjects of trial and then regulates their current status.

  • Retrospective cohort study

Here, the examiner first looks into the previous records of the persons and later, he determines the present status of the subject.

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Let’s look into the benefits and problems of this study:

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  • Advantages of cohort study
  1. Cohort study is beneficial in the examination that gives multiple results. Asingle exposure may give rise to such outcomes.
  2. This method of examination reduces risk of survivor biases.
  3. Cohort study is the finest method to find out the natural history and the current incidence of any disorder.
  4. It is equally important and helpful to study rare exposures.
  • Disadvantages of cohort study
  1. This study is not ideal for diseases that develop over a long time or are rare.
  2. Cohort studies can consume much time and are costlytoo.
  3. With cohort study, there are chances of selection biases.
  4. A problem of cohort study is that examiner cannot conduct follow-ups. This can distort the outcomes of the experiment.

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