Understanding the Basics of Coherent Risk Measures

What is Coherent Risk Measure?

As a part of financial mathematics, when calculating estimates and probabilities, a lot of risk in involved. Calculating these risks gives you a more clear idea of what the various possible outcomes of stocks, bonds, hedge funds and other investments. One such measurement is the coherent risk measure. Before you search for Coherent Risk Measure homework help, you must first understand the following properties that classify this measurement.

  • Monotonicity or Monotonic function

A monotonic function preserves the order of data. The values of this function are consistent, as the name suggests there is no change, so they are either increasing, decreasing or constant. However, in calculus, a monotonic function is only ever increasing or decreasing in value. Subsequently, it is known as monotonically increasing or monotonically decreasing.

  • Subaddivity

This property states that the sum of two elements or values of the main input or argument value returns either less than or equal to the sum of functions of those individual elements. Subaddivity plays its role in other subjects as well. In economics, its properties lay in cost functions, and in thermodynamics it occurs in non-ideal solutions or excessive enthalpy. When searching for Coherent Risk Measure assignment help, it is important to have substantive information on subaddivity because it is the most complicated and necessary when measuring coherent risk.

  • Homogeneity

When studying statistics you will learn that data sets can be homogenous or heterogeneous. Coherent risk measurement is homogenous in nature which implies that data from one part of the set is similar or the same as data from any other part.

  • Translational invariance

When speaking in terms of geometry, a translation implies that a thing slides from one point to another. However, in math, there is invariance which means that an object or value remains unchanged when there are certain transformations applied. Therefore, translational symmetry is the invariance of any number of equations under any type of translation.

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Other Risk Measures

Even though other risk measures may not be a part of your assignment, ensure that the Coherent Risk Measure assignment help you find has substantial information on other types of risk measurement. Having a general idea will give you a better understand of coherent risk measure.

  • Value at Risk
  • Average Value at Risk
  • Entropic Value at Risk
  • Tail Value at Risk
  • Proportional Hazard Risk Measure
  • The Wang Risk Measure

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