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Preference shares:
Before you take a look on the classifications of preference shares you will first need to know what preference shares are.
In very simple words the former type of share can be defined as the shares that carry some special priorities and rights to its holders. The dividends that are there are fixed for members even before giving it out to equity share holders. Even at times, when a company is about to wind up, preference is always given to the preference share holders to return their capital. They do not have any rights to vote in company’s procedures.

There are again four types of distinctive kinds that are formulated for preference shares that our Classification of Preference Shares Homework Help team explains and are proficient enough to support their projects. They are categorized as:-

  • Cumulative or non– cumulative preference shares: Holders of such shares are permitted to claim and recover its arrears for preference dividends before anyone and they are fixed.
  • Participating or non– participating preference shares: Here holders are entitled for both fixed rated of a dividend as well as the extra profit that a company makes after all payments are made.
  • Convertible or non– convertible preference shares: Here according to certain terms the holder enjoys the right to achieve preference shares converted in equity.
  • Redeemable or irredeemable preference shares: It is that share whose total amount can be refunded by the company within its life time. There are mere legal terms that need to be fulfilled.

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