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Classical Economics: How Classical Economics Differs from Keynesian Economics Homework Answers

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Economics is a subject based on the allocation, distribution, and utilization of resources for monetary purposes generally by the country. It is basically a study of the monetary framework of a country using mathematical and statistical equations. Classical economics and Keynesian economics are two different perspectives at looking at economics and looking for solutions. To deal with these concepts in detail, manuals as classical economics homework answers are just perfect!
Classical economics and Keynesian economics are two very different schools of economics. Comparing Classical and Keynesian economics is like comparing apples, and oranges-you know they are different and can’t be compared, but they both are fruits and hence, meet the same requirement of meeting our hunger pangs. Each has a set of rules and guidelines towards solving economic problems which are vastly different.
Classical economics
A classical economics is a sub-branch of economics that believes in a free economic market. A free economic market is an economic state where there is minimal, if at all intervention by the government. A free market is also called a laissez-faire market. Classical economics allows people to judge their needs and take economic actions according to their own interest.
Since there is minimal government involvement, classic economics ensures that the resources are allocated according to the wants of an individual and the state of economics in that particular place. Classical economics is something that a lot of us are accustomed to. In classical economics, value of a particular product is determined by using the value theorem.
According to the value theorem, the value of a particular product is judged by the money spent as wages to manufacture that product, the technology cost, and the production output.
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Keynesian Economics
Keynesian economics is frequently referred to as Keynesianism. In Keynesianism, numerous theories are given which look at a scenario where the economic output is determined by aggregate demands, especially in a short period of time. Keynesian economics play a very important role in situations of crisis like droughts, recession, inflation and unemployment among others. Keynesian economics is influenced both by the private as well as public sector.
The public sector includes the governmental institutions like municipalities and city boards while the private sector includes people and their business in a marketplace. The Keynesian economic model is often erratic and unstable. Unpredictability is a key word when it comes to Keynesian economics.
To mitigate these changes, Keynesianism often relies heavily on the economic policies of a country’s central bank and an effective fiscal policy by the concerned government. The basic thought of Keynesianism is that the economic policies of the government of a country influence the economic output of a company’s business in that land and hence it is dependent on an active role of the government, especially in times of inflation or recession.
Influence of government and its spending
In Classical economics, the government doesn’t have much of a role in terms of spending. Even if the government spends, it has minimal role because the basic thought behind Classical economics is that if a government spends too much on businesses or has an active role in it, it takes away a lot of economic resources which would have been otherwise available for businesses and individuals.
Classical economists believe that an exponential increase in government spending amounts to an increase of reach of the public domain of a country, thereby limiting a country’s private sector and its economic independence.
In Keynesianism, theories dictate that government spending has a positive impact on local and national businesses. In the absence of any economic growth, Keynesianism believes it is up to the government to start a phase of economic growth. An addition to the current point, Keynesianism also believes that government investment can take the place of private investment in times of sluggish growth.
Long time and short time prospects
Keynesian economics plays a very important role in short time periods of economic downturn as it believes that the government must play an active role in uplifting the economic stature of the businesses in the private sector through its effective policies and direct investment.
On the contrary, classical economics looks at the bigger picture. Its principles are based on the long run taking into account economic unrest and downturn. Judging the impacts of classical economics can be a challenge, especially for students, so there are numerous educational blogs that cater to classical economics homework answers.
Classical economic theories are based on the concept of full employment, and unemployment is an abnormal and unwanted situation. Even if there is not full employment, classicalists believe that it tends to full employment, that is, the situation is such it has a tendency towards providing full employment to all the population.
In case of massive unemployment, classicalists believe that it is due to the interference of the government’s policies and multinational businesses. However, Keynesianism doesn’t assume full employment but instead, depends on the government to uplift the economic condition of its population through its policies and taxation.
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Concept of Laissez-faire
Classical economics believe in a state of laissez-faire capitalism where free and fair competition ensures free and fair economic market, thereby providing full employment.
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Keynesian economics does not have any concept of Laissez-faire and hence a bit simpler to understand in this aspect.
Classical economics homework answers
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