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Choosing among several risky assets and the efficient frontier: decoding the concept

The concept of efficient frontier was introduced in 1952 by Harry Markowitz, the famous Nobel laureate. It is one of the foundations of the modern portfolio theory. The efficient frontier refers to a set of optimal portfolios offering minimal risk for a specified expected return level or the highest return expected for a specified risk level. Portfolios gathering to the right of an efficient frontier, and even those lying under the efficient frontier, are sub-optimal.

The efficient frontier is not linear, but curved. The benefit of diversification is an important thing determined in the concept. Optimal portfolios constituting of an efficient frontier have a greater diversification as compared to the less diversified sub-optimal portfolios.

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What does the concept include?

The concept of efficient frontier comprises of:

  • Optimal portfolio –

Markowitz’s concept holds that the design of an optimal portfolio is possible with a proper balance between return and risk. It strives to balance securities with the highest possible returns with a satisfactory level of securities or risk with the minimal level of risk for a specified potential return rate.

  • Selecting investments –

Securities on the efficient frontier’s right end have a high expected level of risk along with potentially high returns, which is ideal for investors who are extremely risk-bearing.

  • Limitations –

Returns on assets are expected to follow a heavy tailed distribution or leptokurtic distribution.

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