The Relationship Between the Chen Model and Entity-Relationship Model

What is the Chen Model?

Lin Chen was a financial economist as well an environmental economist who was a professor at three major universities, those are, American University, Nanyang Tech University, Yonsei University at Singapore. In 1994 he published a paper on stochastic volatility, making the Chen model one of the first stochastic volatility or stochastic mean models. Like the Vasicek Model and the Hull-White model, the Chen model is also used to chart the evolution of different interest rates. The difference being that the interest rates in this model are described by three market sources. This model, while it is simple, requires a lot of accurate detail which is why it is important for find a reliable source for Chen Model homework help.

To understand how this model operates you must understand stochastic mean and stochastic volatility.

  • A stochastic system refers to one that is unpredictable or unstable because of the presence of a random variable. This creates various disturbances in the system which results in unprecedented parameters and expected values.
  • A stochastic volatility model refers to a model in which variances are randomly distributed; this model is used to solve problems that appear in other models like the Black-Scholes model.

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What is the Entity-Relationship Model?

The Chen Model is often confused with the Entity-Relationship Model because this model was created by a man named Peter Chen in 1976. His model describes specific relationships that exist between various entity types. When you search for Chen Model homework help, be sure to go through it first to check that you’ve got the right material before proceeding to study it.

How to study the Chen Model

  • Find a trustworthy source for Chen Model assignment help.
  • Go through the material you find thoroughly.
  • Create a timetable and allot yourself a significant amount of time to study the Chen Model.
  • Ask for assistance wherever necessary.
  • Do the necessary amount of research and gain as much of an understanding on the topic as possible.
  • Take breaks to rest and eat, as well as hydrate, while you are studying.
  • Try and complete your assignment before the allotted deadline so that you gain marks for punctuality.
  • Whenever you’re studying ensure that it is a quiet and cool place.
  • Turn off all electronics and try to avoid distraction as far as possible.

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