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Check These Statements by Students Become Famous Quotes against Homework

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

Many students do not want to do homework on aregular basis. Students give excuses for not doing homework. Some of the statements become famous quotes against homework for not getting homework.
“A high school teacher knows more homework excuses than any other. What do you think?”
Students need good excuses to deal with homework problems. You often take it as aburden that has taken your quality time. You want to become free from your academic studies as soon as possible. Experienced teacher easilyidentifies your statement and you can judge this might not be one of the famous quotes against homework that can work.
Let’s you check these famous quotes against homework that are made by students in different situations:

  • Tomorrow is festival;I’ll have no time to do:

Many times students make some serious complications with events and make teachers agree to listen to their voice. During X-Mas and other festivals, you can make this statement to get rid of homework for the next day class.

  • Please do not give me homework today. We have more assignment from other subjects:

Students have many choices to avoid homework. Many students follow this statement to convince teachers for not providing any more homework.
Sometimes, students really get homework from almost every subject then it is hard to deal with to complete it in time. Students need some extra-curriculum activities to become fresh, but amountain of homework does not allow you to perform.

  • During vacation I will go for long tour with my parents:

Students follow these famous quotes against homework to avoid a number of assignments to do. Some teachers take adecisionin favor of these students and others against them. Ultimately, students get less amount of overall homework and come back happily from school.

  • Start Crying:

Many students just start crying after finding it difficult to deal with. This actually benefits more for girl students. You can easily take excuse not to do homework and make the things easy for you.

  • Start saying No! No! No!:

Many students start shouting no to avoid more homework. It can be effective if all the students are able to impress teachers with their excuses.This will take some time to discuss the matter why you all are willing to avoid homework, but ultimately you will get the result.

  • I am sick. I am not able to do the homework:

This statement is often taken as famous quotes against homework and can be successful if students are able to submit the medical certificate. You should keep in mind that if you are willing to say this statement, then you have to agree your parents to give asignature on the certificate to make it legal for submission.

  • Tomorrow is my family’s get-together. I cannot do the homework:

This can be true or can become an excuse for the students to avoid homework. When you are using this statement, then you should pretend it like that you are engaged in the event seriously. You have to show that you are the primary focus of the event because your cousins are coming after long years in your house.
Students are serious to avoid homework from theteacher. Many of them do not want to do the entire job.Anyway, students have to do it. Teachers will not leave students free from homework and assignment works.
How does teacher ignore their excuse and make students ready to do homework?
If a student is smart, then teachers are smarter. You may try to avoid homework and convince your teachers not to give assignments. Teachers will ask a lot of questions and reasons to find the exact cause for your statement. Many teachers indirectly assign homework by offering rewards. You should check these famous quotes against homework that teachers usually make to assign homework:

  • Homework will benefit you in your final results:

A teacher can tell the student that if he/she misses this homework may hamper the result in final exams. You should say in such a way that students get confused and agree to take the homework.
What do you think homework help in final exam? Students should know that homework is a part of study that means this will surely assist you in exams.
“There is no substitute for hardwork.”- Thomas Edison

  • If you deny doing homework then I’ll call you parents:

As a teacher, you are not willing to leave any student from not doing homework. Typically, giving homework is one of the essential parts of your teaching to know the caliber of students. You should organize your statement in such a way that students will agree to take the homework by themselves.This will help students to keep intact on the topic and make the things understandable in a better way.

  • Ok I’m not giving you written work, but I’ll ask you questions:

This statement makes students think about their ability to understand the topic and how far they can cope up the homework. It is not a way to harass students, but this will bring out quality in students.

  • I will give reward those who can complete the homework:

Many teachers follow these famous quotes against homework to encourage students to do the homework in time. You can ask students that you will give good marks to all those students who will complete the task in time.This will certainly make students humble and agree to do homework.
What to do if students get amountain of homework?
Several excuses and possibilities are there to avoid homework. Many times all these go out just by a single flush. You have to do homework and make aneffort to complete it in time. Parents should take steps to deal with this problem.
The advancement in the standard of education has changed a lot of things. If students find it difficult to find the solution in doing homework and other works, then you can hire tutors. Several online academies also provide homework help to students.This will provide you enough time to do other works at home. You can enjoy some quality time with family and friends without any tension and headache. This will definitely, avoid any famous quotes against homework to speak anymore.