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Learn the Basic Characteristics of the Marketing Communications Mix

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Understanding Marketing Communications Mix

Marketing mix involves the different process of marketing to ensure reaching company’s objectives as well as selling the product to the customers. Here, the management has to make proper decisions to market or distribute the goods. It is because the sales largely depend on the price of the product.

Features of Marketing Communications Mix

Marketing communications mix involves four heads for achieving marketing objectives.  The decisions are crucial to making. It includes designing the product, packaging, labeling it, and its varieties. Check characteristics of the marketing communications mix homework help, to get more idea on the topic.

Now, let’s get a brief idea on those four characteristics of the marketing mix.

  1. Product

The main thing you should be concerned about a product is its value for the customers. The ideas for developing a product are essential. However, its value is more important than the concept or design. Because of its value, you would be able to market it to the target audience.

  1. Price

The price of the product is also an essential part of the marketing mix. You have to set the cost in a way that won’t lead to your loss. Also, you have to make sure that it isn’t too high that won’t pay for it. For this, you’ll have to do research. Characteristics of the marketing communications mix homework help will assist you in understanding that part.

  1. Promotion

It comes after the process and price elements. Here, you‘ll have to promote the company’s brand and services to the potential customers. Thus, it should lead to increasing the sales and profits.

  1. Place

Here, you’ll have to put the product in an area that can be easily accessed by the customers. It is closely related to the distribution. You’ll have to distribute the products strategically that will increase the profit margin.

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