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The process by which the cells can duplicate themselves and is able to divide it into two cells with similar or with duplicate contents. The understanding of plant reproduction is very important as it will help you to understand about human reproduction. For this we with our excellent cellular reproduction homework help is there to serve with outstanding efficiency.

What is cell reproduction?

  • It is the process which enables the cell to form new cells
  • As soon as the cell divides it forms a duplicate copy of its chromosomes
  • This chromosome consists of DNA that keeps the whole life’s instructions and it also sends this kind of identical copy to its next new cell that is been formed
  • This process is known as mitosis
  • All humans have 46 chromosomes
  • 44 of these chromosomes contains autosomes and the rest 2 has the sex chromosomes
  • These 2 chromosomes are responsible for determining the sex of the organism
  • A female has two X chromosomes while a male has one X and another Y
  • These genes contain the traits while the genes don’t get the same kind of instructions
  • One of the chromosome is inherited by father and the other from mother

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What is a cell cycle?

The cell cycle of a cell denotes the different steps that are needed to develop, grow and to reproduce. The five different steps are as follows:

  • S phase
  • G1 phase
  • G2 phase
  • M phase
  • Cytokinesis

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Want to about other methods of reproduction:

There are various methods of cell reproduction. Among them binary fission and meiosis deserve special mention.

Binary fission:

  • Here the bacterial cells can divide asexually
  • Bacterial cells are reproduced in this way


  • It is used to transform the diploid body cells to different haploid reproductive cells
  • Asexual reproduction is a disadvantage here as it affects negatively

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