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Cellular Biology

Also known as cytology, cellular biology is one of the most important branches in Biology. The main study of cellular biology focuses on the functions and different structures of cells. The role of cell as a basic unit of life is taken into deep consideration in this study and we will be including this in our Cellular Biology homework help.

In this branch of biology, the organelles are studied very carefully, and their structure and organization are explained along with their physiological properties, signaling pathways, metabolic processes, their interaction with the environment and life cycle.

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  • Chemical and molecular environment of internal cellular structures

The cell is studied on a molecular level over here. This study holds that most of the composition and processes within a cell consists of water, hormones, inorganic ions and small organic molecules.The cell is composed of water at 75% to 85%, and this is responsible for the structure and polarity of any cell.

Of course, the shape and polarity of a cell also varies upon the different type of organisms. The cell has been classified into two categories which are eukaryotes and prokaryotes.Cells coming into the category of eukaryotes are present in plants, animals, protozoa and fungi, and they have a round or spherical shape.

The prokaryotes cells are composed of archaea and bacteria; their shapes generallyconsist of spiral, curved, rods and spherical shape.

These are just some general introduction, but all these will be thoroughly materialized in our Cellular Biology homework help.

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