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Cells are structural and functional units of life. These cells multiply and produce daughter cells through a process known as cell division. These cells are also called the building blocks of life. Many students fail to understand the basic concepts of cells and their structure. As a result, they cannot answer questions, those of which are asked in their examinations and hence get lower scores in the subject. Cell structure Assignment Help, as an initiative of myhomeworkhelp.com will make cell theory an easier and interesting topic to prepare for and that would enhance your performance in turn.

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Cells differ in shape as per the functions they perform in a body. The organelles inside cells are what make them perform the various functions. The cells are of two major types- eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Those cells which contain nuclei and membrane bound organelles are grouped into the former category, that is, eukaryotes. Those cells which are devoid of nuclei and membrane bound organelles are classified as prokaryotes.

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