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Cash is the most vulnerable point of business. It should be reported in an acceptable and appropriate format. Investors can find profit and loss account and cash flow statement similar. These account statements seem similar, but they are not. They have many differences.

The profit and loss account provides information about the revenue and expenses incurred by the company during a period. On the other hand, cash flow statement provides the information about how much cash came into and how much cash went out of the company.

The main difference between these account statements is profit, and loss account includes non-cash expenses and revenues where cash flow statement does not incorporate them. In order to have a better understanding of this students need expert categories of cash flows homework help manuals from our end.

A general idea

The cash flow statement is a kind of financial statement that reveals the outflows and inflows of cash as well as of the cash equivalents. This is the result of the investment, operations and financial activities taking place in a specific period. This as well as the projections conveys plans and results of business regarding cash out and cash in of the organizations without making any change in the accumulated expenses and revenue.

This statement doesn’t explain whether the business will earn the profit or not. However, this explains the position of cash of the business at the point of time by determining revenue against the expenses. Students may find it difficult to understand, but they can make it easy with the assistance of our manuals as categories of cash flows homework help via experts.

Categories of Cash Flows

There are many ways that a company can use for generating revenue. The cash flow statement can show this through different categories of the cash flow. As per the categories of cash flows assignment help experts, it is categorized by –

  • Operating activities.
  • Investing activities
  • Financing activities

Operating activities

The flow of cash from operating activities is also known as CFO.  Primarily it is the result of the principle revenue generating activities of any corporation.  Thus, normally they are the result of the events and transactions used for determining net profit and loss.

In this case, the cash inflow includes –

  • Revenue generated by selling services and goods.
  • Interest
  • Dividends.

The cash outflow includes –

  • Supplier’s payment.
  • Employee’s payment.
  • Amount paid to the government.
  • Payment made to lenders.
  • Payment made for other expenses.

Investing activities

CFI is the abbreviation of cash flow from investing. This activity represents the levels to which the expenses are made from resources to generate cash flow and future income.

According to our manuals as categories of cash flows homework help in this case cash outflow includes –

  • Purchasing equipment, plant, and property.
  • Purchasing equity securities and debt.
  • Lending funds to other entities.

Financing activity

The financing activity is also known as Cash flow through financing. This activity expects future cash flow and claims from borrowing and capital of the enterprise.

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