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In marketing sector, by carrying cost inventory or simply referred as carrying cost is a term used for the aggregate cost of holding register. It is calculated by the summation of ware housing cost, financial cost and also inventory cost.  When the cost of shipment is nil, the carrying cost gets diminished as excess inventory isn’t held. Such system of production is named as Just in Time production system. Students from management department might be face a trouble in learning the rules and norms associated with carrying cost. When in want of Carrying cost Homework Help they can bank upon, because of the high quality of the work they deliver.

More about carrying cost

Carrying cost can bifurcated into the following:

  • Ware house cost: this category includes rent of the infra-structure, salaries of the employees, and other related costs.
  • Financial cost: opportunity cost engulfs the financial cost
  • Inventory cost: these prices are linked with perishability, pilferage, shrinkage and insurance

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The summary of the related terms

Above we have come across a word inventory. Now it may appear to you what exactly this is? From Carrying cost Homework Help of, you will get the answer, yet let us have a look.  Inventory is a property that a firm holds and this is ready to be sold by that company. In the following, we have delved into the various other terms that are required when we talk about carrying cost:

  • Dead inventory: Also known as dead stock includes numerous products that are not much in demand. To reduce the cost of holding these goods, the marketing team shall prop up with few techniques.
  • Safety inventory: These are kept as back up to ensure that the company has products to meet the demand.
  • Economic Order Quantity: This is abbreviated as EOQ, is an effort to establish a balance between inventory holding and carrying costs which are a result of setting up machinery or ordering.
  • Cycle inventory: These categories of products are able to save cost and they serve as shield for the buying more supplies.

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