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Cardiac cycle is an extremely vital for the functioning of the cardio vascular system. It consists of the circulatory system and the heart and transports nutrients to body cells. They are also responsible for removing the gaseous waste from the body. The cardiac cycle pumps blood to muscles and to the entire part of the body. Blood vessels act as pathways that are used to transfer blood to different destinations of the body. Force that drives cardiac cycle is referred to as cardiac conduction.

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Cardiac cycle phases

There are four chambers in the human heart- two ventricles below and two atria on top of the heart. There is also a one way artery present that separates major arteries with chambers. It is these valves that prevent blood from moving in a backward direction.

If you are trying to understand movement of blood from heart then we will see that it first enters atria and then moves to ventricles passively. Ventricles are thus full of blood and are under excessively high pressure. Then blood is contracted and pushed out of heart to the arteries.

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  • First step of a cardiac cycle is atrial systole. During this stage atrial myocardium contracts and this contraction is initiated by the pacemaker of heart. When atria contracts ventricles get filled by open AV valves. Ventricles at this point of time are in diastole.
  • There is an occurrence of late ventricular systole at a later stage during contraction of ventricular system. Blood has a lot of pressure when it is there in ventricles and semilunar valves open due to this excessive pressure. Then blood gets into arterial trunk.
  • Ventricular relaxation starts with the initial ventricular diastole. AV valves tend to remain closed during this time.
  • Then there is late ventricular diastole that occurs after ventricular relaxes and is ready for ventricular filling.

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