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What are carbon organic compounds?

Organic compound are defined by a chemist as any molecule containing carbon. Organic compounds form the very basis of our carbon cycle. Biogeochemical processes makes carbon shift from living types to non-living types and back for trillions of years. Now forget about your tension in submission of assignments and use our error-free solutions for Carbon – organic compounds Assignment Help.

Types of carbon

Carbon is special and important as it is able to create four bonds. Hence carbon can form flexible, complex molecules. The important and complex groups of molecules of life are carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids and lipids.

  • Hydrocarbons

Some type of molecules consists of hydrogen and carbon. Such organic compounds are known as hydrocarbons. This group of organic compounds will react strongly with oxygen and burn quickly at high temperature like gasoline.

  • Alkanes

They are made of single covalent bonds between the carbon atoms. Moreover hydrogen atoms may bond with carbon atoms, and hence the standard molecular formula for alkanes is CnH2n+2.

  • Alkenes

These are hydrocarbons and their carbon atoms will be connected by at least one carbon double covalent bond. The standard formula being CnH2n. The simplest example is Ethylene.

  • Alkyne

They are also hydrocarbons where the carbon atoms are connected by at least one carbon triple covalent bond. The standard formula is CnH2n-2. The simplest alkyne is Acetylene, or ethyne, having the formula C2H2.

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