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Know more regarding the Carbon Allotropes under the guidance of our professionals

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What are functional groups and why they are significant?

Functional groups can be termed as particular groups of atoms inside molecules having special characteristic properties irrespective of some atoms in the molecule. Some familiar compounds like amines, alcohols, ketones, ethers and carboxylic acids are examples of functional groups of carbon.

Usually organic reactions happen at the functional group, hence you must learn on the reactivity of functional groups to know about organic chemistry. Do your assignments stress free with our 100 % error-free solution of Carbon – functional groups Assignment Help.

Some important functional group of carbons

Carbon atoms can form double or triple covalent bonds or long chains or ring structures with other atoms. It can form single or covalent bond with other atoms like in ethane ethylene and ethyne.

There are mainly six functional groups are the most commonly occurred in biological molecules:

Hydroxyl, carbonyl, carboxyl, amine, phosphate, Sulfhydryl. Carbon atoms are capable of forming long chains like in fatty acids by covalent bonds.

  • Carbonyl group are formed by Carbon and oxygen bond and mainly found in carbohydrates and Nucleic acids.
  • Carboxyl group is basically a carbonyl groups attached with a hydroxyl group. They are water soluble and mainly found in proteins.

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