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Carbon Dating is a much known term in the field of Geology. It is an effective tool to estimate the age of organic and inorganic samples by measuring the residual amount of radioactive isotope of carbon (14 C), in those samples. And by this measurement the age of that object can be determined. Willard Libby a chemist founded this method on the end of 1940 and immediately it was accepted by all. Later in 1960 he was honored with the Nobel Prize for this.

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Isotopes are differently massive atoms of the same element.12C, 13C, 14C all are different isotopes of carbon element, amongst them 14C is the most unstable one. 14C, the radio active isotopes of carbon are constantly formed by collision of cosmic ray neutrons and 14N atoms in the upper part of this atmosphere and marge to global carbon cycle.

14C is assimilated in living organisms and hence are abundant in organic fossils. After death,14C decays at a known rate. Hence judging the residuein fossils, samples can be dated.

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Basic measuring way

The measurement of radioactive isotope of carbon (14 C), can be done by three specific techniques they are –

  • Gas proportional counting

In this process beta particles of 14C radiation from carbon sample converted to carbon-di-oxide, are counted.

  • Liquid scintillation counting

In this process too beta particles are counted except for the fact that sample is in liquid state.

  • accelerator mass spectrometry

This is the most advanced process where carbon particles are measured directly with respect to other isotopes instead of measuring beta particles.

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