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What is a capital?
Well, before you begin learning the steps of doing a good assignment in economics, it is very important to know what the topic is. If your topic is capital, then there are lot of important points that are needed to be mentioned. Capital is a major part of economics and without proper capital or resource, you cannot do business.

In economic terms, a capital is a part of an individual’s stock and he has expectation that this particular amount of capital will provide him revenue. “Caput”, as the word emerged from here, meant “head of cattle” that used to be bought and sold in the market earlier. Capital is a good that has the capability to consume and in case there is no consumption, this capital leads to increase in supply of goods and services. This non-financial asset is used for producing services as well as goods in the market.

Types of capital
While helping you with Capital Assignment help, our tutors teach that there are five types of capital:

  • Financial Capital- This capital is used as money when you are doing business and can be owned as entities that are of legal in nature.
  • Natural Capital- That which helps in increase of wealth in human.
  • Social Capital- Goodwill or value in any company.
  • Instructional Capital- Transferrable capital used in academics or teaching professions.
  • Human Capital- That capital used for talent or social or instrumental reasons.

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