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So, what is Capital Expenditure?

Capital expenditure is nothing but the expenses calculated to reach the benefits and returns in the far future. Capital expenditure is to be invested at one point of time, but the returns on the investment can be achieved at different times in future. It is a form of non-recurring form of investment which gives rise to those of permanent assets. It may also be termed as capital investment.

Now let’s take a look at the different types of Capital Expenditure:

It is classified into three forms:

  1. Expenditure to reduce cost;
  2. Expenditure to increase revenue;
  3. Expenditure on non-economic grounds;

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Who uses Capital Expenditure the most?

It is basically utilized by the companies to improve the physical assets like buildings (industrial), properties or any equipment. The expenditures are being decided at the special board meeting that is held annually. This investment actually boosts up the values of the asset. It is commonly found under the sections of cash flow statement.

How to control Capital Expenditure?

  • The very first step to controlling the capital expenditure is by preparing a budget. These budgets usually contain information regarding the projects. Like thedescription of the proposed project, its justification against it, the cost estimates, the net benefits, etc.
  • The second step is requesting for funds. After approval of the project, funds are to be sought for the original capital budget, additional funds or another substituted project.
  • Next step i.e. the third step is to analyze the variations which are considered as the most vital task. Here the actual estimates are compared with the one estimated and the deviations are reported weekly or even monthly.
  • The last but not the least is following up with the records. This helps to keep track on the whole matter and point out the weaknesses of the management.

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