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Overview of Capacity Management

The main objective of Capacity Management is to make sure that cost-justifiable resources are provided by the infrastructure. These resources are needed to fulfill all current and future business service necessities, while making certain that IT resources are acquired, managed, utilized and provisioned in a lucrative manner.

A number of other ITIL processes also help in Capacity Management. Following are a few examples of the same:

  • When incidents take place due to capacity problems, it is the function of the Incident Management process to inform Capacity Management about it.
  • The failover and catastrophe recovery capacity requirements for capacity planning are provided by IT Service Continuity Management.

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As Capacity Management procures help from other processes, its outputs support many other processes. For example:

  • If additional capacity is required, Capacity Management can inform Change Management about that.
  • Capacity Management can also notify potential effect of a newly implemented service on current capacity levels

The Capacity Manager must have the following properties:

  • Creation and maintenance of a Capacity Plan
  • Have the expertise to provide advice on and solve all capacity and performance issues and needs
  • Should be able to be the problem manager for any capacity and performance related problems
  • Should be able to evaluate all the changes as they might have a huge impact on performance and capacity
  • Should be hands-on but at the same time it should be cost-aware also

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