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Bit about the subject

The subject refers an organization’s ability to produce a particular good in a specific time period. It refers the maximum limit of the output such as capital, labors, raw materials, machineries and accessible space. An organization can develop on its production capability limits by managing its all existing operations. It also can develop an extra amount of capacity for keep in stock to meet excess loads which is above expected level. Learners if you are unable to understand the significance of the topic and facing problems for doing your homework, you can happily trust on us and our capacity accounting homework help.


This topic is bit confusing as it deals with different matters. So for better understanding it is categorized in several types and they are,

  • Production capacity refers the organization’s total amount of capacity that required for all kind of operation for a desired production level over the time. If production ability is affected, then company’s desired production and profit level are effected too.
  • Protective capacity is an additional amount that kept as an inventory for an excess unit of production above the fixed schedule of the production to meet the supply ofexcess demand.When the reduction of capacity is being necessary in a business for any kind of emergency, it directly hit its protective capacity as it is not required for its desired production, hence doesn’t hamper its desired profit.
  • Ideal capacity refers the highest output level that is used for the maximum production levelin an organization without any operational disorder.
  • Partial capacity is counted when,due to natural calamity, some kind of breakdowns, maintenances and repairs and also holidays, part of the desired production are stopped. It is always lesser than a normal capacity of a business.

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It is most significant for an organization to determine the perfect level of the subject for a certain amount of production.

  • If it is fixed on a higher level than the correct level, then it creates unnecessarily an additional capacity. Which has no productivity no profit hence, affects the total cost of the business?
  • If it is fixed lower than a right level, then company will unable to produce the desired amount of production to meet the customer demands. Hence it loses its goodwill reputationand the customer too.

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