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This is one the basic passive elements with two terminals. Capacitors are used to store energy in electrical field for a temporary period.There are variations in the types or formations of practical capacitors,but the basic structure has two plates.The electrical conductors are then separated by the dielectric.

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Different types of capacitors:

Certain factors strongly affect the characteristic of a capacitor that classifies it into the following sections:

  • Dielectric materials –

Some capacitors have dielectric spacer that helps in increasing capacitance of these elements. The dielectric material should have highest possible permittivity to maximise the amount of charge a capacitor can hold.

  • Voltage-dependent capacitors –

The capacitance of these passive elements are more complex when a dielectric constant is changed to a function of applied electric field.

Access our capacitor homework help to learn the other two types of capacitors. There are various formulas and expressions that we shall include in your assignment for advanced knowledge.

Where are capacitors used?

These passive components are mainly usedin circuits to –

  1. Tune radios for getting a particular frequency
  2. Smooth outputs from power supply electrical circuits
  3. Delay the applications
  4. Store charge in camera flash circuit
  5. Alter phase
  6. Filter the networks and control tone of audio system
  7. Couple two stage of circuit

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