Education systems have undergone huge amount of changes over the years. Nowadays education systems aim towards the overall development of a student, not just academically. Scoring good marks in exams no longer hold the key towards achieving academic excellence. Teachers and professors lay great stress on all year round progress of a student which is evaluated through his class work and homework performance.

Evaluating a student based on his homework performance provides a clear idea regarding his/her grasp on the subject and also whether he/she is studying at home or not. Thus homework can no longer be neglected and needs to be done with utmost care and dedication.

Modern methods of teaching

The best way to differentiate modern methods of teaching from traditional methods of teaching is that traditional methods relied on theoretical knowledge while modern methods rely on practical knowledge. Studying overnight and scoring top marks in theory papers does not mean that the student has imbibed proper knowledge and understanding of the subject. To test the student’s knowledge teachers assigns homework and assignments which greatly involves applying the theories that are being taught in a particular subject.

Homework and assignments carry marks and grades which ultimately affects the final scores in the examination. Marks are credited based on the neatness, quality of answers and also submission within deadline. So if you hold ambitions to fetch top grades in your class, it is imperative that you need to do your homework regularly and dedicatedly. Below mentioned some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing homework on regular basis.

Homework: advantages and disadvantages

Just like everything in this world has a positive side as well as negative side, homework too has their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out the benefits of homework first.

  • It helps the student understand the subject better: homework and assignments generally involves questions based on a chapter of a subject. Answering them by referring to online solutions or text books help to understand the particular subject better
  • It forces the student to study on a regular basis: It is arguably the biggest motif of every teacher who sets homework for their students. Studying is not the favorite activity of any student and they tend to avoid it as much as possible. But the pressure of having to submit the homework within deadline forces them to study on a regular basis.
  • Prepares them for the exams: homework and assignments contain valuable questions that are important for the preparation of a student for their exams. Thus doing your homework regularly will help you in your preparation for your exams.

So as you can see, doing homework has a lot of academic benefits for the student. But does homework and assignments hold equal importance and value from a student’s point of view? If any student is asked how homework and assignments have affected their life, the following disadvantages regarding homework come to light:

  • Homework curbs into a student’s leisure time. In today’s busy schedule, a student hardly manages to find time for himself amidst school or college hours and tuition hours. Whatever spare time he gets is spent doing homework or assignments. Thus homework is seen by students as something which prevents them from enjoying their leisure time.
  • It adds to the stress and anxiety of students. When homework and assignments start getting piled up, the student naturally starts feeling stressed which ultimately proves detrimental to his or her academic performance. There can be a lot of reasons why students aren’t able to cope with their homework and assignments. If you are a parent and your child is struggling, then you need to ask yourself whether you have the right environment at home for your child to cope with his or her work. To know more on this read “Did you set up the right environment for your child to do homework?”

How to cope with homework

There are different methods one can seek help of to cope with their daily homework and assignments. Seeking answers online and doing homework regularly will help you submit them on time and also fetch good marks. But if you have a tight schedule packed with extracurricular activities, then you might not find the time to do your homework or assignment. What to do then?

The best solution is to seek homework help services online. These services aim to benefit a student by helping them cope with their homework and assignments. They charge a modest amount of money in return of which they will get your homework done on your behalf. These services have experts in their ranks who will ensure that your homework or assignment is done in the best possible manner. Hence if you wish to top your class, you need to fetch top grades in your homework and assignments which are now easy to get with homework help services.

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