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What are calories?

A calorie is a unit of energy that can be defined by heat, as well as, food calories. A Cal, small calorie or gram calorie is the amount of heat required but one gram of water a one unit of pressure of the atmosphere. While, a Cal or a large calorie is defined by a kilogram rather than a gram, and it is basically the equivalent of 1000 small calories.

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Why are calories important?

While many young people these days are obsessed with their caloric intake, many do not understand the importance of a healthy caloric intake. Understanding the caloric content of food assignment help that you acquire will aid in your knowledge on the subject as a whole. Here is a list of reasons as to why calories are important.

  • One of the main reasons as to why calories are important is because they provide us with a lot of energy. It is one of our main sources of energy.
  • If you do not have a healthy caloric intake, the amount of food you are able to eat reduces.
  • Once this happens, it intensifies the fact that you may not be getting all the nutrients you require.
  • It reduces the amount of leptin (a chemical that controls the appetite) in the body. This, in turn, results in excessive hunger and overeating.
  • Increases stress levels, which in turn slows down metabolism and you then risk starvation.

People on diets may believe a lot of things, but once you have skimmed through the caloric content of food homework help, you will understand that calories are necessary.

How to calculate caloric content

If there’s one bit of information that you should have, it is how to calculate the amount of calories. This can be rather interesting if you have the equipment in the chemistry lab. There are just a few simple safety steps to follow:

  • Protect yourself and use a shield when near or around the calorimeter.
  • The oxygen should be flowing slowly but steadily.
  • Any flame lit in the lab can be dangerous.

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