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Job costing is an accounting process which covers the cost and revenue in a job, assorted direct expenses such as indirect and direct labor cost but it should delegate with all the job numbers to be allocated to individual items of revenue and expenses. A job specifies various consumer projects, manufacturing of various goods and services or unit of different assembled products together. It reports the job profitability by measuring overall profit and loss, expenses and revenues taking place in an organization.Calculating cost of job WPP homework help makes students job easier as it is somewhere sturdy for them to manage these projects with regular classes.

A job requires different labor cost, product and services and various overhead cost. Thus, calculating a cost of job is different for every job and is uniquely managed resulting in unique total cost. Company’s normally use job cost sheet to register all the cost of products and services used. Calculation is done on different basis:

  • Direct labor:

It can be easily calculated by the employers by tracking the no of labor and duration of time they work throughout the year.  Calculating the cost of job WPP assignment help tip: calculate the no of employees earning per hour and how many hours the employees.

Work on the job. Total job cost= direct material+ direct labor+ overhead

  • Direct cost:

It can be easily assigned in the job by calculating the total cost of direct material used in an organization and after calculating the cost it is recorded in the cost sheet.

  • Overhead:

Overhead costing is tough for students to understand as it is vast in nature and also creates problem in company’s using job costing system as it does not give précised results after the calculation but it is important to calculate overhead as it include large part of business organization. Calculating the cost of job WPP homework help tip: overhead rates= estimated overhead/estimated activity.

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  • Illustration:

Calculating total direct cost:  as it is a variable cost it is calculated with per hour work done by the labor. Her per hour labor is 40 hours and Direct material = 2000. Here, total direct labor cost= direct labor* direct work done per hour (2000*40=80000)

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