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Definition of Business Operations:

Day to day activities to run a business are considered to be Business Operations. The main objectives of these operations are nothing but to fetch profit for that particular trade. Owners and their employees or workers stay busy in enhancing the inherent value of their business organization by the means of Business Operations.

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Purpose of Business Operations:

The primary purposes and objectives of Business Operations are as follows:

  • It is an optimal for increasing intrinsic value of the business.
  • This can generate the profit to that trade.

However, these can be happened only by the wonderful performance of the staffs. Good bonding between the employer and employee is also necessary in this regard.

Topics covered by Business Operations:

There are many essential matters those a student has to go through while reading the concept. These topics are listed below:

  • Generating recurring income

Two types of recurring income are there and they are:

  1. Multiple revenue streams.
  2. Long term recurring sales contracts.
  • Increasing the inherent value of trade

Two techniques or methods which can increase the value of the business and they include:

  1. Growth tactics.
  2. Management.
  • Securing the income

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