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The selling of the products or services by one organization to another organization and then this organization utilizing the product either for its own use or reselling it to somebody else is called business marketing.

What is consumer marketing?

The transaction of goods and services between a particular organization and the potential consumers is known as consumer marketing. We make sure that the students are able to understand the concept of consumer marketing as well as business marketing properly.

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Types of consumer goods

  • The first and the most important type of consumer goods is called FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods)

These are products that get sold to the customers quite fast and they have minimal costs. The grocery items and the aerated drinks fall under this category.

  • Durable consumer goods are those products that are used by the customer for a relatively longer period of time. Most household goods and the entertainment appliances fall under this category.
  • Soft goods are those consumer goods that decease in value after using them for a certain period of time. Shirts are the perfect example for these type of product.

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Examples of Business marketing products

Some of the examples of business marketing products are bulk SMS services and office furniture.

Difference between consumer marketers and business marketers

In consumer marketing the marketing people have to deal with a larger number of people as compared to business marketing where they have to deal with a much smaller group of people.

Organizations that deal with consumers have to deal with each and every potential buyer whereas in Industrial marketing or business marketing, the marketing person has to deal with the representative of a particular organization.

Business marketers are much more sophisticated than the consumer marketers. They are educated and also have good communication skills. Whereas this is not the case with consumer marketers. They need not be well educated and do not need to have good communication skills.

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