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Business is the backbone of the economy. So to lead them in a right way is necessity for all country otherwise the economy can be affected. All business proceeds in a same way, which is termed as business cycle. Government of a region, control over this business cycle by implementing several rules, regulations and policies for keeping the economic growth at its sustainable rate.

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Bit more about the subject topic

This definite way is mostly affected by forces of three factors they are as below

  • Demand and supply of a product

These are the most important factors for any businesslike action.  Because its movement and growth is determined by demand and supply of a product in the market hence, they affect its rotation in every phase.

  • The supply of capital 

Capital is most important source of any businesslike action. And without capital it is not possible to make any businesslike performance to run.

  • Consumer behavior

Customer’s or consumer’s preferences are the final word in the field of business. Hence, it has a great significance and plays a vital role to change path of any businesslike performance.

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Different phrases 

Like other way a business- path too has ups and downs, and they are segmented in several phases that are discussed below.

  • Phase of expansion

The starting point of a business begins from zero. In graphical representation it starts from the origin of the axis, from there it starts to grow upwards.  This period for flourishing all businesslike action for maximum growth is termed as phase of expansion.

  • Crest

After a specific time period this increasing growth reaches at its highest point which is termed as crest or peak. In graphical expression this point lies on a parallel line of Y axis.

  • Phase of recession

After reaching the highest point the growth cannot increase further. And due to several market forces such as demand, price etc. it start to decrease downwards. Hence, graphical picture too shows down wards trend.

  • Trough

After recession all the business factors related to economy start declining. All the related factors go down under the normal level that means, under the horizon axis. In growth rate is negative here and a negative effect found in whole economy.  It cannot shrink more hence, moves upwards again.

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