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Combined and consolidated financial statement

The combined financial statement has the ability to merge financial statement of group of company’s into a single document. But, the financial statement of different companies would remain separate from one another. Business combinations and consolidations homework help delivers accurate information related to topic so that students can have good grasp on subject.

The investors need to be aware of the concept and the financial statement need to offer with insight on the financial condition of the company. A parent company would come up with controlling interest in any subsidiary consolidates along with financial statement of subsidiary into any financial statement.

  • Combined statement: Our business combinations and consolidations assignment help would give information on the combined statement that reflects financial results through subsidiary companies from any parent company. The financial statement of a subsidiary would show separately from the other stand-alone company. The advantage of such statement is that it helps investors to analyze the performance of individual subsidiary.
  • Consolidated statement: It is the financial statement that can aggregate any financial position of any parent company as well as its subsidiaries. This would enable investor to check out the financial condition of company in any holistic manner.

Different types of business amalgamations

The business combinations and consolidations assignment help will give knowledge on three different forms of business combinations:

  1. Statutory merger: It is a business combination that can result in any liquidation of company’s assets that is acquired and also the survival of any purchasing company.
  2. Stock acquisition: It is a business combination in which case the purchase company can also acquire majority of common stock of acquired company and also companies survive.
  3. Statutory consolidation: It is known to be a business combination that can easily create up a new company in case previous company does not survive.

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