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The main unit in the purchasing organization that has the authority to make decisions is called Business Buying Center. This buying center consists of a group of people who play a major role in the buying process.

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Participants of the Business Buying Process

  • Users

These are the people who are present within the organization and are the ones who make use of the products or the services. They are the ones who play an active role in triggering the suggestion that the organization needs at the time of buying a particular product or the service.

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  • Influencers

The influencers are the ones who play a major role in influencing the buying decision in an organization. They provide the organization with all the help that they need for establishing the specification and also provide important information that can be regarded as proper evaluating alternatives.

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  • Buyers

The buyers are considered to be the professionals who are responsible for selecting the supplier and also decide on the terms and the conditions of purchase. They might have an important role to play in product specification. However the most important responsibility that they undertake here is selecting the right suppliers and the vendors.

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  • Deciders

The people who are present in the organization and have a major role to play in approving and also selecting the buyers is called the deciders.

  • Gatekeepers

They are the ones who are responsible for controlling the flow of the information of the organization to the others.

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