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Bundling is one of the common marketing strategies, which marketing managers follow to maximize profit. Bundling is a marketing strategy of offering multiple products together as a bundle. However, it is not an easy task. One needs to do a proper market research to know the reservation price of a product and based on that they set the actual price of that product in a bundle. In bundling in practice homework help our experts will explain you the two types of bundling, how one is different from another, and how a company sets an actual price in a bundle. Myhomeworkhelp.com is ready to clarify all of your queries related to bundling.

Two types of bundling are:

  • Pure bundling

In pure bundling, the products which are offered in a bundle cannot be sold separately. You can use such pricing strategy some restaurants. They offer the entree automatically with a side dish. But you cannot purchase entree and side dish separately. Similarly, you cannot pick or select channels of your choice from a package offered by your cable operator. You have to buy the full package. There are two types of pure bundling- joint bundling and leader bundling.

  • Mixed bundling

In mixed bundling, few items are bundled together for sales. But customers can also buy any item separately from the bundle. Business analysts have observed that mixed bundling strategy is more profitable compared to pure bundling.

Mixed bundling is commonly practiced in competitive markets: 

When students come for bundling in practice assignment help we explain them mixed bundling strategy. It is because most of the markets across the globe adopt mixed bundling strategy to maximize their profit. Mixed bundling is better than pure bundling because, with positive marginal costs and zero marginal costs, this pricing strategy may be more profitable.

Bundling in practice homework help –using bundles:

  1. Products must be included carefully in a bundle with by combining expensive products together with inexpensive products. By doing so, you can reduce the price of the expensive items and adjust the price by adding it in the cheaper item. But keep in mind customer should not be at the losing end.
  2. Cut the price in such as way that the marginal cost is more when compared to a single purchase. Some researchers suggest minimizing the margin on the bundled product by 50%.
  3. Allow the consumers to purchase the items in a bundle separately. Otherwise, they will not treat it as a special offer but as a simple product.

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