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What is building engineering services?

Building services engineering is also known as architectural engineering, technical building services, facilities and services planning engineering or building engineering. This topic is described in the field of civil engineering. It indicates to the use of engineering for environmental impact of a new building and internal environment.

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In this building engineering service, pupils learn about operation, design and installation and monitoring of the electrical, public system and mechanical required for comfortable, safe and environmentally good operation of modern building construction.

Different names of building engineering services:

This term is widely applied in the Ireland, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada. In United State of America it is known as building engineering and architectural engineering. Though, these terms bear different meaning in United States. In India, engineers of this field are called facilities planner.

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Fields of building engineering services:

This engineering comprises electrical engineering, plumbing engineering and mechanical engineering. All these are sub-divided into following sections:

  • Telephones, IT networks and communication lines.
  • Lifts and escalators.
  • Lightening
  • Energy supply – renewable sources, electricity and gas.
  • Fire protection and detection.
  • Plumbing, water and drainage.
  • Alarm system and security.
  • Refrigeration and ventilation.
  • Low voltage system.
  • Artificial lightning and natural lightning.
  • Heating, building facades and air conditioning.

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