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Bring out the Best of Homework in the Simplest of Ways

by Nov 2, 2016Homework Solution

In case you are a University student, it may occur to you that the whole concept of homework has become quite redundant. However, such is not the case! As much as significance homework has for a school student, quite similar but in a higher way it has for a University student as well. This whole aspect of it being negated to the point of less significance has been propagated by university students themselves.
However, this needs to change at once!
As a counselor who has been attached top some of the topmost universities of the Western World, I have found more than often that students tend to neglect their regular homework and in the process end up getting fewer marks. Constant counseling sessions too have not helped much since they have a mental block in regards to completion of their homework.
My years of experience in dealing with students have given me this knowledge that to explain to them in an ideal manner; an alternative has to be taken that would make them get to see the other side of the concept in a better manner.
Explaining concepts in a deeper manner:
As a counselor, it is important that a student’s position be understood and then his or her dilemma be looked at. There has been more than a single occasion when students have come up to me and stated that they find thecompletion of homework a boring process and there is absolutely no additional gain from this whole process.
Coming from university level students, this was quite shocking to me. But after complete counseling classes, I figured out that students were not deriving any actual benefit from this homework process, which is why they were losing their hearts regarding completion of their work.
Given this scenario, it is best that certain specific techniques be checked out that would help in making this homework a beneficial aspect for students.
Making the best use of homework in a simple manner:

  • Moving out of bookish domain: Using the internet

How many of you have bothered to move out of bookish knowledge to learn something while you did your homework? Well, none! The primary function of homework is not mere recapitulation but understanding a certain topic in a better manner. This is not possible if only the texts are consulted.
To gain maximum benefit from homework, it is best that other sources, primarily the internet be consulted. Turning the world into a global village, this facility is to be harnessed by students in the best way.
I have myself found out a host of sites that specifically target university students to better their concepts and make them understand a topic in a unique manner. By following these sites, students will be able to gain a better insight regarding a particular topic and naturally, that homework which was boring for the student would gain a different perspective.
Thus, by taking help from such sources, homework can yield beneficial results for university students.

  • Combining subjects for better understanding:

Another very important way to derive the best out of homework is to combine different subjects and get the best. What I have seen in my career is that most of the students do not understand that various subjects have links with other subjects. How can you think of economy of a country without considering its politics or geographical position? Most importantly, historical data of that country and scientific inventions that it has made also has a huge role to play.
An ideal way to benefit from completion of homework is to make sure that you connect various topics and then find a specific strategy. In this way, I can guarantee you that the overall load of the homework will be comparatively reduced and students will get a better insight of that topic in the midst of homework.

  • Comparing laboratory results with theoretical study:

This isadvice to students that they should never leave out lab work and try to complete their homework singularly. Lab results are specifically very important when homework is to be completed. Not only do they act as a backup data, but they also help in deriving certain solutions when you are stuck in your homework.
I have personally tried this with my niece, who is a Chemistry Post Graduate student in one of the topmost universities of the country. I made sure that she consulted and put in all her lab data in her homework so that as a reference point, her homework was more than enough.
Trust me! Not only did she get more marks compared to her last terminal exams, but on the whole with each completion of work, her understanding of the subject became deeper.
You must try this technique! It really works!

  • Taking help from online homework tutorials:

Though most people would argue that this is not a correct mode and it makes a student too lethargic, truly this online homework sources is one of the best. Apart from the fact that this helps you complete your homework on time, they explain finer details of each subject in a better manner.
There is a host of experts and working professionals present, who provide thedual perspective of homework, an academic one and another from amarket demand point of view. This dual understanding of a subject will help you as a student to prepare better in regards to other students.
 Try these techniques now:
These are some of the techniques that I had tried using with my students in a counseling seminar. After a certain time period, it was proved that students had started developing an interest regarding completion of their homework, and submitting them on time.
Well, why don’t you start off with these processes today itself? It could surely provide you with some of the best results and help you get a better insight of that subject.
Since these processes are not something that can be adapted easily, it is imperative that you keep practicing them over a certain time period to get maximum results.
Do you have some other unique ideas? Why don’t you share your views with us? Mail your ideas and all your queries, and together we could devise better plans.