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Boundary system is that aspect of levers of control as is laid down by Mr. Simons in his book pertaining to it. Boundary system is the first point of importance that he laid down in the book. He claimed that without it, it would have become practically impossible for any firm to work with expertise and reach new skies of success. The boundary system pertains to the system which enables you to keep your employees under check.

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Keeping employees under check means keeping them in a boundary such that they know where they are supposed to stand. This does not mean they will be respected any less. All it conveys is the fact that employees should not behave themselves or interfere in important decisions when their opinion is uncalled for. This goes on to make the working system of the Management of the company smooth and easier to handle than it previously used to be.

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Why is boundary system in management system important?

The boundary system in any management is important because of more reasons than one. The system enables the employer to keep his or her employees under control. The employee again is made aware of their important role in the firm and that their role is limited to that and no more.

This makes them focus on their work instead of that of the employer or higher ranking executives. And this further wipes of situations that create conflicts of any sort.

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Problems faced by students when studying boundary system

  • Boundary system isn’t that difficult a concept but difficult enough to fully understand in the first go or second.
  • Students tend to read this point from personal point of view which makes certain rules seem unfair. They must, therefore, refrain from doing that for better understanding and learning.
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