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Now Botany is one subject that needs utmost assistance and guidance as the subject itself is diverse, and the syllabus is vast. Botany can also be referred as plant science, phytology or plant biology. Botany is indeed one of the main branches of biology as it is the study of plant life. Students need to cover the syllabus of Botany accordingly. These syllabus comprises of

  • Microbiology and Plant Pathology

Structure and multiplication of viruses, fungi, bacteria, mycoplasma and viroids. Prion and Prion hypothesis, crop diseases, infection and dissemination, physiology of parasitism, plant quarantine.

  • Cryptograms

Structure and reproduction of fungi, pteridophytes, bryophytes, and algae, their economic and ecological importance.

  • Plant resource development

Utilization of plants in different sources like fiber, food, edible oils, spices, beverages, drugs, resins, gums, narcotics, etc.

  • Phanerogams: Gymnosperms

The conceptof Progymnosperms, classification of gymnosperms, distribution of gymnosperms. Features, structure,and reproduction of Gnetales, Coniferales, Ginkgoales and Cycada-les.

  • Morphogenesis

Differentiation, symmetry, polarity and totipotency. Protoplast culture, organ, tissue and cell. Micropropagation, cybrids and stomatic hybrids.

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