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How to Produce a Scoring Assignment on Bodies in Equilibrium?

When all the forces acting upon a body is balancing each other, the body is said to be in equilibrium. This would mean that the leftward force which is being exerted on the body balances the rightward force. Similarly, the downward force being exerted balances the upward force. However, this statement does not imply that the opposite forces which balance each other are equal. What it means is that, net force applied on the body is zero and thus there is no acceleration, that is, the bodies in equilibrium do not change their position.

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Laws related to equilibrium:

Newton’s first law pertains to the equilibrium of bodies as it states that a body in motion shall continue to be in motion, and a body at rest will continue to be at rest, unless an external force is applied upon it. If a body is in the state of rest and is in the state of equilibrium, then the state of the body would be defined as static equilibrium.

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