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Immunity is the body power that fights against harmful microbes such as virus, bacteria, protozoa etc. These microbes cause different diseases. So immunity is a defending weapon to fight against these diseases. We born with some immunity powers but some immunity grow in the body gradually as we grow.  Most of our defending weapon present in blood. The good environment and good and balanced food make us more immune. If you want to explore your knowledge about it, click on for a blood and immunity homework help.

Blood helps in immunity

Blood in our body, has a significant connection with immunity.

  • Purified blood from heart carries most useful oxygen gas to all over the body to increase body immunities.
  • Blood carries nutrients that we gate from food to all the body cells and make us immune
  • Blood also carries out the excretory product from our body cell to make us healthy and immune.

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Blood defense from outer attack

Blood is composed of sixty percent plasma and forty percent blood corpuscles. Blood corpuscles are of two types Red blood corpuscles (RBC) and white blood corpuscles (WBC)

  • Plasma contains water, protein, glucose and fat. It helps to clot the blood when blood licks from our body due to injuries.
  • RBC contains red colored substance known as hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries maximum oxygen to increase our immunity power thus keeps us healthy.

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WBC plays a vital role in our immunity. WBC is of several types and they play several roles to protect our body

  • Neutrophils have a nucleus. The enzyme present in neutrophils helps to kill bacteria and protect us from diseases causes by bacteria.
  • Monocytes circulated in the blood and give our body an instant protection from pathogens most quickly than any other WBC.
  • Lymphocytes contain B cells and T cells that create antibody which helps to prevent entry of foreign particles and protect outer attacks.

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