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What is bipolar transistor?

A bi-polar transistor is a semiconductor device which is commonly used for amplifications. The device is used in amplifying digital and analog signals. However, a bipolar transistor can be used to amplify current, by easily connecting it to circuits that amplify voltage and power.

What are the types of abipolar transistor?

There are mainly two types of bipolar transistor. One is PNP, and another is NPN. A PNP has a N-type semiconductor that works between two layers of P-type material. On the other hand, an NPN transistor has a P-type material works between two layers of N-type material.

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What are the advantages of a bipolar transistor?

A bipolar transistor has the following advantages. Let’s have a look at them—

  • Higher efficiency
  • Low operating voltage
  • Ruggedness and small size
  • No requirement of filament power

The transistor is a three terminal device such asemitter, base, and collector. It can easily be operated by using three configurations. According to its basic configuration, it can be used for voltage as well as current amplifications.

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