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Do you feel afraid of Biology? Don’t be; it’s not a difficult subject. There are some topics like biomes and ecozones help you understand interest facts about the earth and environment. Biomes are large ecological areas with similar types of plants and animals which try to adapt to their environments. Ecozones denote large areas on the surface of the earth where the living beings evolve in isolation over long periods of time. These areas include deserts, mountains, oceans, etc. Biomes andecozones homework help will help you to know about these.

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Types of Biomes:

There are 5 types of biomes on this earth which you should know. Check the list written below.

  • Forest Biome:

Forest biome is the most complex type of biome. It is divided into tropical forest, temperate forest and boreal forest.

  • Desert Biome:

Deserts occupy 20% area of the earth. Desert biome is visible in the Southwest of U.S., Sahara of North Africa, Australia, Mexico and many other places.

  • Aquatic Biome:

Aquatic biome is divided into fresh water regions and marine regions. It is the largest biome which covers the 75% of the earth.

  • Grassland Biome:

Grassland biome is an area of herbs, grasses and flowers. Local environments and latitude determine the type of grass grow in a particular grassland.

  • Tundra Biomes:

It is the coldest biome which is located in South and North poles. The areas include grasses, shrubs etc. They are known as savannas, prairies, steppes and pampas.

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The Concept of Ecozones:

The history of evolution determines the characteristics of the animals and the plants. So, the concept of ecozones is quite different from the biomes. For instance, a tropical forest from Central America can be similar to the forest of New Guinea, but they have different evolutional histories. On the other hand, a biome is characterized by the similar type of vegetation. Here’s a list of ecozones-

  • Oceania
  • Antarctic
  • Australasia
  • Indomalaya
  • Afrotropic
  • Neotropic
  • Nearctic
  • Palearctic

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