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Biodiversity is the variety of various animals, plants and other species in different eco systems on the earth. It means the biological diversity which represents the biological resources present on the earth. Each and every species plays a significant role in biodiversity and every species depends on the other. A strong biodiversity can recover itself from the disasters such as earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, etc. Biodiversity homework help students to know about biodiversity.

Various Types of Biodiversity:

 As biodiversity varies from one place to another, they are divided into 4 types. Go through the list written below.

  1. Genetic Diversity:

This type of biodiversity is determined by genes of varioustype of species.

  1. Ecological Diversity:

Ecological biodiversity means the type of biodiversity which focuses on the ecological areas such as forests, oceans, deserts, grasslands, etc.

  1. Species Diversity:

Species diversity means various types of organisms present in thesame geographical area.

  1. Functional Diversity:

Functional diversity is a study of things which the living beings do in their communities such as cycling of matter and flow of energy.

The Importance of Biodiversity in the World:

Solid biodiversity ensures better development of different fields in the world. How? Let’s get an idea.

  • Industrial Products:

Rubbers, oil, dye, fibre all these resources we get through biodiversity which are used for industrial purposes.

  • Agriculture:

Biodiversity plays a significant role in agriculturein producing various types of crops and plants.

  • Human Life:

Biodiversity is extremely important in our lives because it is responsible for producing food, water, medicines and other natural resources.

  • Recycling Nutrients:

Fungus and bacteria are responsible for recycling nutrients in the ecosystems.

  • Decreasing the Risk of Climate Change:

Biodiversity maintains the balance of gases in the environment. Trees are very important in our lives because they prevent the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It reduces the possibility of global warming.

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