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What is BIBO stability?

BIBO stands bounded-input bounded-output. It is a system in which the outputs will always remain bounded for all the time. A continuous time linear invariant system is considered BIBO stable, if all the poles have real parts and their value, is less than 0.

BIBO stability is closely related to discrete time stability. To understand BIBO stability, it is important that you should understand discrete time stability. Discrete stability is what it implies bounded signals. A bounded signal is the one where exists a value. This value is arbitrary and therefore at no point, this signal can be infinite.

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Two conditions of BIBO stability

There are two conditions involved in BIBO stability. One is time domain condition, and another is Z domain condition. Let’s study in brief –

Time domain condition:

A system must possess a certain condition in order to guarantee if there any bounded signal passes through the system, a bounded signal will arise on the output. This is called time domain condition.

Z domain condition:

The stability of a discrete time signal in the Z domain is quite easy to demonstrate because it evolves continuous time signal in the Laplace domain.

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