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Being a major part of finance and looking after the major financial portions, if you are studying accountancy, it is very important to keep in mind certain concepts and theories that accounts generally follows. To make sure that you are well accustomed with these principles of accountancy, My Homework help, has brought a team of wonderful teachers as accounting concepts and principles homework help. We are here to solve your queries related to accounts and financial issues that are given to you as projects.

What is accounting principles?
To know accounts, it is necessary to follow the principles of accounts. These principles are golden rules upon which a company runs its financial segment. Accounting principles change from time to time and for a student of commerce, it is necessary to know what the changes are.

You can also say that accounting principles are a set of certain conventions that have been generated to maintain an exact framework for reporting in finance. Accounting concepts and principles homework help say that, financial information’s shall never be misleading and should always be corrected from the accountants.

What are the major accounting concepts and principles?
It is very much important to maintain the concepts because going against the principles will lead you to disastrous results. Whenever you are given such projects and assignments, make sure that the sums that you do shall maintain these principles of accountancy to every detail. The major principles are as follows:

  • Relevance – The information should be relevant so that decision making becomes easier.
  • Reliable – The information should be reliable so that your client can depend upon it for accuracy.
  • Neutrality – The team members in accounting concepts and principles assignment help in My Homework help says that those infos should be totally unbiased.
  • Faithful representation – The transactions presented in the books of accounts should be faithfully represented.
  • Prudence – When you are preparing financial statements; always check it from an expert accountant.
  • Completeness – You should always provide a complete financial report so that information got is reliable.

All these comprise the basic accountancy concept and you will need to explain them in your assignments. We are here to help you and there is no need to worry at all. Our experts are there to research and collect materials that will be provided to you in due course of time.

What are the smaller principles?
When there are larger principles of accountancy, smaller ones are important too. They are single economic entity, measurement of money theory, comparability, understandability, materiality, going concern concept, accrual concept, business entity, and substance over the form concept, realization concept and duality concept.

Accounting concepts and principles assignment help is here to cater to all your needs in accountancy and we deliver your project before time. Just contact us anytime and register with us for free and your student package will be ready. There is 100% original content provided and one will just love talking to our teachers who are your friend, philosopher and guide.