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‘Levers of control’ written by Mr. Simons, a well-known professor of Harvard, pertains to important control systems in business management. After the boundary systems, the most important system in the levers of control is that of the belief systems. Without this, the entire business would probably collapse more than once, even in the lightest of troubles. Belief system refers to the common beliefs of the employees and employer of the same firm.

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This belief system is important because, without common beliefs to abide by, there would be no unity or ‘work as a team’ spirit among the employees and employer or higher executives of any firm.

This belief system is what keeps them grounded and lets them know that they belong in the same group. And that they’re working towards the same objective or goal, the success of the company. The beliefs should further be pious to free the company of negativities of all kinds.

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Why is the belief system important in levers of control?

The belief system of the levers of control is extremely important and for more reasons than one. The belief system, unlike the boundary system, brings every single person who is a part of the firm, together, as an organized whole. This unity goes on to be an additional strength for the firm in the near future. For any firm to be successful and reach the position of fame that it aspires to reach, it has to have unity.

Every employee, no matter what his or her pretended rank may be, is important and the belief systems further stress on that. If you want to know more about it though, you can always seek our belief systems homework help.

Problems faced by students when studying belief systems

  • Students happen to find it difficult to grasp why the boundary systems and belief systems have such different ideas about the role of an employee.
  • The belief system happens to be an all positive system and therefore unrealistic sometimes. This makes it difficult for the students to grasp it.
  • Assignments and projects further create a lot of pressure on the students. If you happen to be pressurized by these too, you can always seek our expert manuals as belief systems assignment help.

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