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Bit about the topic

Behavior is one of the important factors in every aspect of the society. Every individual needs to maintain some basic behaviors towards other. Proper behavior helps you to reach the goal.   A behavioral issue is very crucial, under the law. So one’s behavioral attitude should be presentable, satisfactory, productive and acceptable to the most.

In this era, with the progress of science and technology, accounts and management also have developed significantly. Different modern technologies and methods are introduced in this field but due to lack of awareness and missuses of these techniques; create many undesired losses to the organizations. These are considered as behavioral issues.    Behavioral issues accounting is made to control these kinds of mistakes and to make behavioral effect transparent to all the relevant sectors. It is for better understanding the present and the future impact of the business process, different options and several variables have, on the value of whole organization.

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Benefits of the subject

Behavioral management helps an individual as well as an organization to maintain a proper behavior and pleasant attitude which is acceptable widely in the society.

  • It contains all the matter that helps to enhance once behavior towards others.
  • It is important in educational system especially for teachers, who can motivate their students with a better behavior and proper attitude.
  • With help of this subject, students can also modify their own behavior while contract with their teachers, participating in educational training or in any games.
  • Modification of the approach and attitude helps to learn the way of self-control and solving any sort of problem.

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  • Behavioral issues in accounting and management is a very new topic for the new generation and required proper learned and skillful trainers to train.
  • It is very unfortunate that most of the professional try to emphasize student’s technical knowledge, but not their behavior and attitude. More interest should be taken to focus on their behavior modifications.
  • Last but not the least, lack of proper and workable guides for these controversial topics creates a huge problem for maintaining the proper order.

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