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Behavioral Finance Assignment Answers

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It is not uncommon to hear a person facing serious financial losses or debts due to wrong decision making. The field of behavioral finance seeks to identify and study the behavioral and psychological reasons that prompt such rash decisions despite fair warnings. Without a doubt learners will find it hard to correlate these two concepts and this is where Behavioral finance Assignment Answers can lend a hand.

This is a new branch of finance that is being developed keeping in mind that human beings are guided by a certain set of norms, patterns of thinking and inklings which ultimately lead to implementation of strategies or plans that might backfire. At we deal with such issues and provide solutions.

Important Elements

The most important element that guides the study of behavioral finance is biases. A bias is when undue favor or acceptance is shown towards an idea, person or theory, based on personal gains or experiences. To completely understand finance of behavior these biases have to be noted down:

  • Herd instinct –

This form of bias occurs when a majority financial institutions move towards a certain path and others blindly follows. In such cases individual differences are overlooked which cause heavy losses. Behavioral finance Homework Answers can further elaborate on this point.

  • Self attribution –

Here positive outcomes to financial decisions are treated as individual achievements or as badges of self-worth while negative outcomes are blamed on luck or misfortune, not admitting personal lack in judgment.

  • Confirmation bias –

Often when financial bodies want to take a certain decision, they highlight the points in favor while totally ignoring negative elements, no matter how significant.

  • Disposition –

This element is strongly observed in cases of share market. Most share holders sell stocks for small profits yet fail to let go of shares incurring heavy losses for long periods.

  • Familiarity bias –

Such a bias can be deeply noticed among a majority of financial institutions. Behavioral finance Assignment Answers experts comment that here what is familiar or recognizable is latched on to no matter how fruitless and newer dimensions are ignored or avoided consciously out of fear despite chances of gain.

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